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Mastering the Art of Color Prediction

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2019-01-26 09:08

Flexible Use of the "Golden Ratio" Method, Helping You Achieve Stable Profit!

The martingale strategy is one of the common profit methods in lottery games, but it is not universal. Investors should choose the appropriate method according to their own situation and always pay attention to investment risks.

The essence of the "Golden Ratio" method in the martingale strategy lies in:

1. Following the Trend: Do not go against the trend. Bet according to the trend chart analysis to improve the winning rate.

2. Scientific Multiples: Generally, 3 times is recommended. However, depending on the funding situation and risk tolerance, multiples can be adjusted appropriately. For example, if the funds are small, the multiple can be lowered.

3. Reasonable Stop-Loss: Stop betting immediately when the principal loss reaches a certain proportion (e.g., 50%) to avoid greater losses.

Here are some martingale strategy examples:

According to your own risk tolerance and principal, you can choose one of the two. Generally, a lower starting amount means lower relative risk, and the higher the amount, the more so! Therefore, the starting point is crucial; the lower the start, the lower the risk!

Principal 2000 Yuan:

Plan A (3x): 10 Yuan, 30 Yuan, 90 Yuan, 270 Yuan, 810 Yuan

Plan B (2x): 20 Yuan, 40 Yuan, 80 Yuan, 160 Yuan, ...

Principal 1000 Yuan:

*Plan A (3x): 10 Yuan, 30 Yuan, 80 Yuan, 220 Yuan, 660 Yuan

Plan B (2x): 20 Yuan, 40 Yuan, 80 Yuan, 160 Yuan, ...

Funding Planning Suggestions:

- Make a good financial plan and strictly follow it for betting.

- Start from small amounts to practice and gradually adapt to the martingale strategy.

- Quit while ahead; do not be greedy.

- Lottery games should be viewed rationally, primarily for entertainment. Wishing you stable profits!

Personal Experience Sharing:

- By learning trend chart analysis, I have improved my winning rate.

- Maintaining a good mindset helps overcome greed and fear.

1. When playing, remember to follow the trend and not bet against a long streak! This is very important. Make a suitable fund plan and strictly follow the planned amount for betting. Practice your mindset to understand your psychological threshold. Wealth accumulates over time, not instantly. When practicing, start with small amounts; if you remain calm with small amounts like 10 or 30 Yuan, then gradually increase to find your psychological threshold. Make a financial plan and do not exceed it while betting.

2. Everyone who has become proficient started as a novice. The process was tough, and many people could not recover after falling. When playing, remember that it is for making money. High returns usually mean high risks, but how many can handle it calmly? Often, many jump in without experience or skills, resulting in irreversible losses. The two essential conditions for playing: first, having a stable platform to play on (if the platform has issues or does not allow withdrawals, what's the use of your efforts?), and second, having a winning technique. We are here to win money, so keep a good mindset, stay calm, and make rational judgments. Learn to read trend charts to predict the next numbers, know when to stop losses, and act when the trend is favorable. Plan your funds well, so you have budgets available when the trend is favorable. Do not be greedy; know when to stop and have patience. Learn like a hunting beast – lurk, wait for the opportunity, and strike accurately.

3. I also went from complete failure to stable profits. Currently, I have a relatively stable method. If you are still in a losing state, feel free to contact me. I'm willing to help friends in this circle, just as I was helped by others initially. I'm happy to make more friends.

4. Life is full of opportunities and choices. If you choose me, you will not be disappointed. If you choose not to believe me, I wish you win more. Facts speak louder than words; strength is the hard truth. Everyone is striving to make their life better through various means. Maybe sometimes we feel tired, and maybe we don't get enough understanding, but I believe some people will understand us.